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Drilling Fluid: wikipedia

Effects of Drilling Muds. Drilling muds are used for the lubrication and cooling of the drill bit and pipe. The muds also remove the cuttings that come from the bottom of the oil well and help prevent blowouts by acting as a sealant. There are different types of drilling muds used in oil drilling operations, but all release toxic chemicals that can affect marine life. One drilling platform normally drills between seventy and one hundred wells and discharges more than 90,000 metric tons of drilling fluids and metal cuttings into the ocean. oceana

Drilling fluids (muds) consist of a continuous liquid phase, to which various chemicals and solids have been added to modify the operational properties of the resulting drilling system. OffshoreDrilling and Environmental Protection

22/05/14 Drilling mud leaks off Mozambique coast. “the “mud” is a mix of earth, rock and toxic synthetic lubricants that are used to oil drill-bits in the high-pressure environment of the ocean floor” news24

16/02/12 Repsol Exploratory Well Spills Drilling Mud In Alaska alaskajournal huffingtonpost

11/01/12 Fishing and the offshore oil industry: A delicate imbalance grity

01/11/08  Commercial Fishing and Offshore Drilling — A Troubled History pcffa


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