21-23/02/13 EU – Offshore oil and gas rules

El Cabildo de Lanzarote intensifica sus acciones en la Unión Europea contra las prospecciones petrolíferas pdf: Cabildo_UE220203  Lancelot  canarias7  ahora  actual

Lanzarote y Fuerteventura usarán las ´armas´ de la democracia contra los sondeos laprovincia

Repsol: Cronologiá de los vertidos repsol

EEZ – Canary Islands Exclusive Economic Zone border

Offshore oil and gas rules: Legislative deal a missed opportunity to address risks and liability of offshore drilling “Today’s outcome would represent a missed opportunity for equipping the EU with robust rules to deal with the risks of offshore drilling. The legislation, as agreed today, would fail to deliver on the original promise by EU energy commissioner Oettinger to provide regulation aimed at ensuring an accident like the Deepwater Horizon disaster can never happen in Europe. We hope the EP, as a whole, will see through this deal and seek changes to ensure tougher rules” greens-efa

Offshore oil and gas operations: financial liability for all operators europarl

New offshore drilling rules agreed. Under the new rules offshore drilling will remain a national competence, but member states must demand specific information from companies wishing to drill in their waters. It will not give the EU supervisory control over offshore drilling, as called for by campaigners.  europeanvoice

Commissioner Oettinger welcomes political agreement on offshore legislation. Oil and gas companies will be fully liable for environmental damages caused to the protected marine species and natural habitats. For damage to waters, the geographical zone will be extended to cover all EU marine waters including the exclusive economic zone (about 370 km from the coast) and the continental shelf where the coastal Member State exercises jurisdiction. For water damage, the present EU legal framework for environmental liability is restricted to territorial waters (about 22 km offshore). europa.eu

Europe to get its first EU-wide offshore oil and gas law. “Unfortunately, this deal still leaves too much wiggle-room in its implementation”  reuters

“Companies will also have to carry out emergency planning and risk assessment and will be fully liable for any environmental damage up to about 370 km from the coast” globalpost

Greenpeace criticised the lack of a compensation for oil spill damages for affected fishermen or tourism operators.   neurope

Acuerdo para endurecer las normas para las plataformas petrolíferas en la UE. euroefe  publimetro


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