07-09/12/12 Western Sahara – ONHYM – Total

El paraíso de las renovables se seca. Canarias es la región con más recursos y motivos para impulsar las energías alternativas, pero la maraña administrativa y la falta de voluntad política retrasan su desarrollo. El sobrecoste de producir electricidad en el Archipiélago alcanza los 1.300 millones de euros. eldia   evwind

One of Total’s biggest owners looking into the Sahara controversy. Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten today wrote that Norway’s government – owning two percent of Total – could possibly blacklist the company from its pension fund due to its operations in Western Sahara. Norway owns 2,5 billion USD of shares in the company. wsrw

Oljegigant kan bli kastet ut av Oljefondet aftenposten


Documents: EU, Gobcan, Biosfera, UICN, United Nations, ABTA, Greenpeace, WWF, Cousteau, Oceana, Secac, Ecologistas, Sea Birdlife, FCM, Universität: Hamburg – Galceston – LasPalmas, Agua nooilcanarias

UPDATE: “The illegal occupation of Western Sahara is legitimized by individuals and corporations who deal with Morocco for the natural resources of the territory” maroc

ONHYM: Hydrocarbon map


REPSOL: “14 vertidos en 10 años” de Repsol en Tarragona repsol

AFRICOM and the Recolonisation of Africa.“To increase the USA’s access to Africa’s oil” africom

“Repsol is reviewing its options after the sub-commercial Anchois gas discovery was followed by two dry wells, Deep Thon and Merou, and will probably extend the licence. Failure to prove up more gas was a disappointment for the government, which had been talking up the potential for a significant gas find (AE 199/9). Major exploration work offshore the Western Sahara will be limited until the intractable dispute over the territory’s sovereignty is resolved”  Tangiers

Western Sahara: SADR Protests Total Operations in Occupied Western Sahara

La République Sahraouie proteste contre les opérations de Total

SADR protests Total operations in occupied western Sahara

The Chinese seemingly work for Total

Morocco: offshore, maps, occupied WesternSahara, UnitedNations: maroc

facebook or OILbook?



Facebook – delete WSRW: Western Sahara Resource Watch


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