03/12/12 Western Sahara: Kosmos Energy + Total + Imara energy

Galp Energia will become the operator of the Tarfaya Offshore area iii.co.uk

Galp Energia enters into a farm-in agreement for offshore Morocco galpenergy

Galp Takes Over Operatorship of Tarfaya Block offshore

Galp firma un acuerdo para buscar petróleo en Marruecos. La compañía portuguesa poseerá la mitad de los derechos de explotación en la costa atlántica frente a Canarias laprovincia  eldia

AFRICOM: To increase the USA’s access to Africa’s OIL africom

Occupied WesternSahara + Morocco + ONHYM + maps: maroc

Plataforma de solidaridad con el Sáhara Occidental acoge con satisfacción resolución del PE a favor del derecho del pueblo saharaui a la autodeterminación sahara

European Parliament resolution on Western Sahara EN: europarl  ES: europarl

UN Envoy Urges Resolution To Western Sahara Crisis scoop

EU deputies urge Morocco to comply with international legitimacy in Western Sahara spsrasd

Has Total Re-entered the Disputed Western Sahara? ONHYM’s leasing of acreage offshore is considered illegal under a UN resolution that prohibits any deals until the issue of Western Sahara’s sovereignty is settled. petroleum


Maroc : Total aurait négocié un immense bloc pétrolier au Sahara occidental agence  noorinfo

Retour de Total au Sahara Occidental avec un contrat pétrolier géant amaidan

Total au Sahara Occidental: “Le retour de Total au Sahara Occidental occupé est une triste nouvelle pour le peuple sahraoui” vitaminedz

Total returned to Western Sahara – with giant oil contract. It caused a stir in the Security Council when French oil giant Total signed an oil agreement in occupied Western Sahara in 2001. Three years later they pulled out. But now they are back. wsrw

Basins and license areas of Morocco. The southern Tarfaya Lagwira Basin lies in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, which seeks independence from Morocco. geoexpro


08/04/12 The US oil company Anadarko (ex-Kerr-McGee) said they have no role in the development of the Kosmos Energy’s block offshore Western Sahara. wsrw

23/08/11 US oil company Kosmos Energy has signed a renewed petroleum agreement for offshore occupied Western Sahara. The new area reduces its illegal acreage off Western Sahara with a third. wsrw

23/03/11 Kosmos Energy: The US oil firm Kosmos Energy is contributing to the illegal occupation of Western Sahara, and violates both international law and Western Sahara law, according to therepresentatives of the people of the territory. wsrw

Mines: Morocco is significantly contaminated with mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW), especially in the territory it controls in Western Sahara, where it mined the berms it constructed. monitor

Morocco must answer for human rights abuses in Western Sahara guardian

Genel Energy PLC now has the biggest percentage stake of the Sidi Moussa offshore block in Morocco. medafricatimes

Genel Energy: registered office in Jersey wikipedia  Jersey is not a part of the European Union wikipedia

Tony Hayward, the beleaguered chief executive of BP, has claimed its oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico is “RELATIVELY TINY” compared with the “very big ocean”. guardian


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