28-30/11/12 Tony Hayward – Genel Energy – Rothschild

Genel Group = Tony Hayward, Vallares , Nat Rothschild + Julian Metherell (Goldman Sach) venturas-afrika  telegraph

Morocco: Drilling Deeper maroc

Genel Energy, the oil and gas giant led by former-BP frontman Tony Hayward, has signed a petroleum agreement with the Moroccan Office National des Hydrocarbures et de Mines (ONHYM). Dr. John Hurst Chief Operating Officer of Africa for Genel, said: “We are delighted to have signed this new block, further deepening our position in the fairway associated with the proven working petroleum system in offshore Morocco. We intend to commence the acquisition of 3D seismic in January 2013, with the aim of drilling our first well in 2014.” digitallook  maroc  4-traders

Cap Juby has the potential to deliver 250 mmbls. Our work programme to realise that potential consists of re-processing current 3D seismic and to plan an appraisal/exploration well in 2014. GenelEnergy

05/06/10 BP chief Tony Hayward: cashed in about a third of his holding in the company one month before a well on the Deepwater Horizon rig burst, causing an environmental disaster. telegraph

AFRICOM: Engaging Maritime Africa: “the significance of Africa for America’s energy security cannot be underestimated” africom


José Manuel Soria: La parálisis de las energías renovables amenaza 5.000 empleos en Canarias eldia  abc

Expertos destacan que las energías limpias pueden generar 1,5 millones de empleos en la UE en 2020 energelia

Estados Unidos prohibió ayer que BP pueda seguir perforando en su territorio por las consecuencias del derrame de 2010. Si EEUU no fue capaz de asegurar las prospecciones de BP en el Golfo de México, ¿tenemos que creernos que Soria lo hará con Repsol en Fuerteventura y Lanzarote? revistael  universo

¿Mas petróleo? UN agency: Climate change occurring ‘before our eyes’ freep.com

¿Mas petróleo? Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger: U.N. reuters

Carbon emissionsDoha: Sea levels to rise by more than 1m by 2100 telegraph  metro  dailymail

Sea levels rising 60% faster than projected: study renew

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