07-09/11/12 Le Maroc, futur pays pétrolier?

United Nations Environment Programme: Supplementary provisions on pollution caused by accidental spills of harmful substances in the marine and coastal environment including offshore hydrocarbons. The first version of the Abidjan Convention does not include provisions on accidental pollution resulting from shipping or disposal of hazardous waste, chemicals and harmful substances, including the performance of oil exploration offshore. The last two decades have been marked by a significant increase in these types of pollution, especially pollution from oil spills caused by offshore oil facilities in waters of many States party to the Convention and a regular occurrence of similar Oil Spills from many oil tankers crossing the geographical coverage of the Convention. In light of the risks facing the marine and coastal area, it is important to pay attention to this issue. It would therefore be appropriate to include in the new version of the Abidjan Convention, special provisions on marine pollution caused by oil spills and hazardous waste and substances, toxic chemicals as well, etc.. PDF: Abidjan Convention COP10 Report of on the amendment of the texts of the Abidjan Convention ENG

Licence to drill? Only if firms can pay for spills, say environment MEPs europarl

The Offshore Cap Juby Oil Field was discovered in Jurassic carbonates, drilled to a depth of 4,797m sanleonenergy

Foum Draa: seismic mapping is now complete, which has confirmed the significant resource potential. serica-energy

Occupied Western Sahara: Morocco expels Western observers pravda

San Leon is looking to push its Moroccan oil-shale plans forward after expanding its position at the Tarfaya prospect. “IVE injects heated gas into the borehole to help release hydrocarbons from oil shale underground so it flows to the surface as in a traditional well”  petroleum-economist

Interview exclusive d’Amina Benkhadra, DG de l’ONHYM : Le Maroc, futur pays pétrolier?   libe.ma  panoramaroc

Pétrole: les données sismiques 3D confirment la présence d’hydrocarbure dans le site de Mazagan info-express

Pura Vida given a boost by latest Morocco data. “after the release of new data that confirms and enhances the prospectivity of its Mazagan permit off the coast of Morocco” proactiveinvestors

Pura Vida Energy: POSITIVE RESULTS FROM SEISMIC INVERSION MODELLING PDF: Positive_Results_from_Seismic_Inversion_Modelling_-_6_Nov_12

Pura Vida Energy: As a result of the significant activity occurring around the Mazagan permit, we now expect that at least 6 wells will be drilled in 2013/14 by Pura Vida and our immediate neighbours (Kosmos, Genel and Cairn). PDF: 2012_Quarterly_Report_-_31_Oct_12

Kosmos Energy: 13/11/12 Conference, hydrocarbon potential offshore Morocco. investors.kosmos

Cairn Energy: Maroc : Cairn Energy annonce ses premiers forages en 2013 financeafrique

US army Tan Tan Morocco. AFRICOM’s secret objectives: To increase the USA’s access to Africa’s oil and gas. maroc

The expansion of AFRICOM in Africa under Obama: A Paradox? In classic Orwellian juxtapose, Obama’s AFRICOM strategy appears to echo “War is Peace” and “Ignorance is Strength.” In his presidential campaign a few years ago, Obama personified change and hope which granted him a Nobel Peace Prize even before he had started working for world peace in earnest. Yet his message is constantly being undone. Contrary to expectations, AFRICOM, a Europe-based military platform for advancing the US’ strategic interest in Africa, has secretly expanded its presence in Africa under the Obama presidency, notwithstanding spirited opposition from African countries opposed to militarization of African affairsafricom

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