04/11/12 Deadly Sonar Harms Whales

CC exige a Soria que aclare el beneficio del petróleo canarias7

Repsol ha causado casi 7.000 derrames en los últimos cinco años repsol

Los barones del PP se enfrentan a Soria por el frenazo a las renovables eleconomista

Los presidentes de Galicia y Extremadura (PP) enfrentados a Jose Manuel Soria por las renovables revistaelnotario

Repsol: El rey de España pidió a empresarios argentinos que Cristina viaje a Cádiz clarin

Jornadas “Transición hacia las energías renovables en Canarias” LPGC – 7, 8 y 9 de noviembre lacasademitia

Scientists have observed that earthquakes can be triggered by human action. Induced seismicity, or seismic activity caused directly by human involvement terremotos

USGS: Recent Earthquakes “Almost Certainly Manmade”. Report Implicates Oil and Natural Gas Drilling ewg.org


Oil Exploration Noise May Lead to Dolphin Strandings oceana

A report published in the journal Nature (2003) said that sonar off the Canary Islands in 2002 prompted 10 beaked whales to surface too quickly, causing decompression sickness, an ailment known among divers as the bends. Experts worldwide have condemned the use of high intensity sonar in the marine environment. marineconnection

Last AtypicalBeaked Whales Mass Stranding in the Canary Islands PDF: DeadWhalesCanarias

Drowning in Sound: Sonar can kill whales. But could other noises be just as deadly spectrum.ieee.org

Oil exploration technique probable cause for 3,000+ dolphin deaths off coast of Peru dgrnewsservice

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