28/10/12 03u04: 7,7 Mw/ 04u25: 5,1 Mw/ 06u16: 5,0 Mw/  07u25: 5,0 Mw

Did drilling caused the earthquakes?

23/10/12 “The report acknowledges that offshore drilling comes with huge environmental risks.” huffingtonpost

Minister of Energy PDF: offshore-oil-and-gas-report

“Earthquake risk will affect oil-infrastructure development. The BC coastal region is part of the circum-Pacific “Ring of Fire” characterized by greatly elevated earthquake activity”

Norman Dale Report PDF: norman_dale_report

Canadian Centre for Energy: centreforenergy

Wikipedia: wikipedia

The geological context of the Queen Charlotte Basin: docsviewer

“Preliminary Assessment of Earthquake-Related Liquefaction and Associated Submarine Slope Instability Hazard” PDF: 08_Att_4-1E_F

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