25/10/12 Tangiers Petroleum “in right place at right time”

Repsol lobby / mentiras: canariasdicesi Canariasdicesi = Argentina? informer  domaintools !!! IP: domain webRedesign: comunicandum  PRnoticias: changes

Presentación del Curriculum Oculto de Repsol repsol

Repsol miente y rehúye el debate sobre las prospecciones ahora

Manuel Pablo Gonzalez Hernandez: “El PP no defiende la imagen de Canarias, sino la del Ministerio de Industria y su lucha a favor del petróleo” diariopsoe

AFRICOM’s primary purpose will be to secure U.S. access to African oil.  africom PDF:Why AFRICOM-Whelan-August2007

AFRICOM pag 38: African oil becomes even more apparent PDF: Warfighting

US army Tan Tan Morocco. AFRICOM’s secret objectives: To increase the USA’s access to Africa’s oil and gas. modernghana

10/06/08 AFRICOM Base In Tan-Tan , Morocco Confirmed moroccoboard

“the primary mission of AFRICOM are to protect access to oil” african-oil

“AFRICOM: es obtención de petróleo en África y el control de sus sistemas globales de distribución” informacion

Africom in Morocco, good or bad? Other US bases are been established throughout the continent. The strategic intent of the Pentagon’s military planners is for AFRICOM to increase its footprint in the continent and to lay the ground for a rapid and long-term access to troubled areas and specifically oil producing regionsyabiladi

Marruecos / Morocco / Maroc: maroc

Tangiers Petroleum “in right place at right time” proactiveinvestors

The Tarfaya Block, offshore Morocco, includes eight permits totalling 15,041 square kilometres (approximately 3.7 million acres) situated on the Atlantic Margin, inboard from the Canary Islands. The Block is located within a proven petroleum system and contains multiple prospects and leads within Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments as well as emerging potential within the Tertiary and Triassic Formations. tangierspetroleum

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