19-22/10/12 Morocco Cairn Energy 2013

Le Canarie si ribellano alle trivelle in alto mare. Via libera alle prospezioni: “Rischio incidenti, così il turismo morirà” lastampa.it

21/12/2008 Earthquake 4,2 mag / 10km dept. Western Sahara . “Illegal” permission to drill, Kosmos Energy. “Occupied territory”: United Nations  USIP  foreignpolicy

Manmade quakes: Spanish 2011 deadly tremor caused by water extraction – study rt.com

2004: Carrera pro el òro negro´: Madrid y Rabat se entienden en el petróleo PDF: 2004 Madrid Y Rabat


!!! Morocco HYDROCARBON MAP  Hydrocarbon_Map

undisclosed client Polarcus Samur: 3d/4d seismic vessel polarcus and map Samur

23/01/12 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake MOROCCO !!!

EU energy chief warms to offshore oil and shale gas. Europe is at a competitive disadvantage because of a reluctance to take risks on offshore oil drilling and tar sands, and a failure to fully explore its shale gas options, EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger says. euractiv

Oceana recommendations – Offshore Drilling safety and environmental PDF: OCEANA_full_recommendations

European Commission: Offshore oil & gas platforms standards ec.europa.eu

Morocco: This frontier acreage is a significant addition to Cairn’s exploration portfolio and the drilling of one deep water exploration well in the Foum Draa blocks is targeted for Q4 2013.  These blocks are adjacent to and north of the Juby Maritime I – III blocks, which Cairn now operates and where a 3D seismic programme is planned for Q4 2012.


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