05-07/10/12 Pido a Dios encontrar petróleo en Canarias y en Marruecos

Kosmos Energy Cap Boujdour:in the illegal Moroccan and corporate plunder of the Western Sahara… westernsahara  wsrw

Kosmos a signé deux accords pétroliers qui couvrent les régions Foum Assaka et Cap Boujdour au large des côtes du Royaume de Maroc newswire

23/11/12 Parlamento Europeo Bart Staes: Prospecciones petrolíferas a la altura de las Islas Canarias. europarl  BartStaes


Map: Westers Sahara 

“Oil is our GOD” The movie: vimeo

Breaking news: NEW 4-Mile Long Oil Slick Near BP’s Gulf Oil Well zerohedge  washingtonsblog  dailykos “Incident #8510 does not exist, has been deleted, or you do not have permission to view it.” examiner  Oil reported at BP’s Macondo Well in Gulf could be coming from “fissures or cracks in sea floor” — NOAA covering up? enenews  Coast Guard investigating oil sheen at BP Deepwater Horizon disaster site nola

MAP: Cairnenergy   Maroc: Juby Maritime I-III blocks cairenergy 

Cairn Morocco: “We don’t want to say anything more than that at the moment.” PDF: Interim_Results_transcript_August_2012

Cairn assessing potential of southern Morocco offshore license offshoremag

Morocco Interest Mounts after Cairn Acquisition. (Foum Draa Block, Cap Juby, Sis Moussa Block) “the first exploration well is expected to be drilled in the fourth quarter of 2013 at the earliest” rigzone

Tangiers Petroleum: Tarfaya Offshore Block  PDF: tangiers_flyer

Benkirán: ´Pido a Dios encontrar petróleo en Canarias y en Marruecos´. El Ejecutivo busca la forma de que el Parlamento Europeo se pronuncie en contra de las prospecciones petrolíferas en Canarias. Le pido a Dios que encontremos petróleo tanto en España como en Marruecos”. Abdelilá Benkirán, primer ministro de Marruecos cerró el miércoles con esa invocación a Alá el encuentro entre el presidente y siete ministros del Gobierno de España con sus homólogos marroquíes en Marrakech. laopinion  laprovincia

Morocco invests in further oil and gas exploration. Morocco has so far not found significant oil and gas despite a number of explorations. However experts and OMHYM’s research says  that Morocco remains comparatively  under reserched and new exploration and drilling techniques mean that  exploration operations particularly  deep offshore now have more chance of success. northafrika

Cairn kicks-off Morocco 3D seismic survey pennyenergy

Offshore Morocco: Drilling Deeper peakoil

Entidades canarias colaborarán con Repsol en el plan medioambiental laprovincia

Repsol avanza en los trámites del plan de impacto medioambiental de las futuras prospecciones frente a las costas canarias lancelot

El Cabildo de Lanzarote solicitará una reunión específica con Rajoy sobre las prospecciones petrolíferas cronicas

Maroc : Investir dans les hydrocarbures / Morocco: Investing in oil and gas oxfordbusinessgroup

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